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Saltspring Candle - Yoga Small

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Salt Spring Island Candles - Yoga Small (4oz)


Love the smell of your yoga studio but don't feel like putting in the effort? The mood of this ancientí«ÌÎ_spiritual practice can be invoked with a mere lighting of a wick. Transport yourself to mystical Indiaí«ÌÎ_with the heady meditational scents of this candle. For true downward dog aficionados and yogawearí«ÌÎ_wannabes alike. Please burn responsibly.

Salt Spring Islandí«ÌÎ_Candle Co. uses only 100% pure, GMO free soy wax.í«ÌÎ_Theyí«ÌÎ_scentí«ÌÎ_theirí«ÌÎ_candles with the highest quality pure essential oils and natural, cruelty-free fragrance oils.