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The SSC is supporting Pacific Wild in achieving a fundraising goal of $10,000 to enhance their marine hydrophone network and build a case to designate a portion of the Great Bear Sea as a marine acoustic sanctuary, a protected area in which harmful acoustic pollution from day to day super-tanker traffic would be banned.

In partnership with the Heiltsuk First Nation, Pacific Wild has established six remote hydrophone stations to study marine acoustics.  Ranging from Hakai Pass to Seaforth Channel and covering both the Inside Passage and the rugged outer coast, the Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network has a listening range that covers a large portion of the central coast.

With being able to study and record all of the marine acoustics off the coasts of British Columbia, Pacific Wild is gathering multiple recordings to introduce to the Provincial government in an attempt at designating a portion of the Great Bear Sea as an acoustic sanctuary. The recordings from the Hydrophone Network prove to the government that there is a wide variety of inhabitants in the Great Bear Sea, many of which are highly sensitive to sound. Not only are they sensitive to the sounds of tanker traffic, they also use their sensitivity in order to communicate, and even to defend themselves against predators.  At present, the Great Bear Sea suffers from relatively little acoustic or industrial pollution. However, with at least 14 major energy projects proposed or in progress for the B.C. north coast, the pristine underwater acoustic world on which these species depend is under threat. With a designated section of the Great Bear Sea as an acoustic sanctuary, absolutely no tanker traffic would be permitted to pass through.  

With each donation, all of the funds are received by Pacific Wild in pursuing this one, singular, initiative. Information on the progress of the Hydrophone Network is posted on Pacific Wild's website at


In 2015 we managed to raise $4,667.10, all from donations specifically sent to fund this initiative. This will be used towards expanding and enhancing Pacific Wild's existing Hydrophone Networkin the Great Bear Sea, with the remaining amount of $5,332.90 to be raised in 2016 to be put towards the enhancement as well as the building of a case to designate a portion of the Great Bear Sea as a marine acoustic sanctuary.

These funds for the Hydrophone Network have been collected through donations online, in store, and at events, with 100% of every donation to fund the intended initiative - that means you can be certain that ALL of your donation goes directly to what you are supporting. We call this the 100% model.


What is it exactly? Well one look at the 100% should give it away. Here at the SSC we believe that your donations should go to, and only to, the cause you are supporting. Makes sense right? We think so too. 

As for funding our non-profit organization, wee depend on private donors, foundations and contributions from businesses like Sitka to cover everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies. These donors are some of our most dedicated: their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organization and our mission to continue using 100% of public donations for conservation projects.