Sitka x Liberty Bottle

Made In USA
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Sitka x Liberty Bottle.

These American Made bottles are created from super strong recycled 3003 aluminum coils in a zero waste manufacturing facility. The finish is baked on with a BPA free flexible food-grade coating, rest assured that this bottle is as safe as it is beautiful.

When you purchase one of our bottles, you're contributing to environmental sustainability and economic revitalization in a few different ways:
  • 14 aluminum cans are recycled
  • 25 gallons of oil is saved*
  • 1500 gallons of water is saved*
  • 825 bottles are kept from landfill*
  • 50+ jobs for veterans and unemployed Americans

*based on median plastic water bottle consumption for 5 years (lifespan of Liberty bottle)

**this bottle is not insulated.

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