Sitka Pocket Knife 6'1'' Surfboard

Made In USA
Regular price $650 CAD

Product Information

The Pocket Knife, our Pete Devries pro model, is the highest performance board we make. Pete and Sitka shaper Jay Novak have spent years fine-tuning its design for all-out progressive surfing in knee-high to overhead waves. To fit into power-loaded sections, Jay has thinned out the rails and increased the tail and nose rocker. Pete usually rides the Pocket Knife in a round tail for versatility – it has great hold and carving characteristics for bigger days but can also fly down the line and release when it’s small. Pete’s go-to board, he prefers single 4 oz. glass to keep it light and allow plenty of flex. The length recommend is about your own height. Pricing starts from $850 for plain white board with three fin setup.


Made in New Zealand by Hayden Chamberlain.