Pocket Knife Surfboard

Made In USA
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Product Information

The Pocket Knife is an amazingly versatile design. Inspired by the Lost Rocket, one of the most popular boards in the world. It has a nice full outline, relaxed rocker and generous volume. A fast, easy-riding board, it thrives in waist-high to overhead waves, and a deep single concave makes it turn and fly like no other. We recommend you ride the Pocket Knife 2-3 inches shorter than the height of your usual shortboard. Don’t go stingy on the width and thickness – curves are the best, and foam is your friend.


In 1958 Hobie Alter and Gordon Clarke started to produce polyester surfboards. This great advancement unknowingly came with a huge cost to the environment. Our E.P.S. surfboard blanks are made up of recycled surfboards, packing foam, and many other variations of this foam that would end up in a landfill or even worse the ocean. The resin used to seal the foam is an epoxy made up of a 30% biobase content. 

Made in the USA.

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