Peetz Sylvester's Secret

Made In Canada
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Product Information

Originally developed in the 1980s by a seasoned West Coast commercial fisherman ("Sylvester") who had a passion and gift for developing custom tackle. More than a year of development and testing was put into the unique shape of this beautiful, classic wobbler spoon.

Sylvester's Secret is a classic wobbler spoon that produces erratic movements due to the oversized cup shape at its tail. The lure beautifully imitates small injured bait fish with an action sought after by both salt and freshwater anglers.

Sylvester's Secret has been used extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, from Alaska to Oregon. Although developed specifically for salmon, Sylvester's Secret has earned a reputation as a top performing lure for a wide range of predator species, including salmon, cod, trout, bass and pike.


  • Handmade by PEETZ in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Designed in 1982. Re-released in 2016
  • Modern updates:
    •  High quality, hand polished solid brass
    •  Bright nickel plating
    •  Extra-strength #6 split rings
    •  High-quality Mustad hooks
    •  Adorned with a heavy duty modern mylars
    •  Prismatic, iridescent, UV and glow colour in proven combinations
  • No compromises in quality - these lures are built to last!

Suggested Usage

Trolling in fresh and salt water:

  • Behind an inline flasher:
    • Suggested tail leader length of 3' to 6'
  • Above a dummy flasher attached to the downrigger cannonball:
    •  Attach leader 3' to 6' up the main downrigger line from the flasher
    •  Leader length 3' to 10' beyond the flasher
    •  Has also been successfully trolled without a flasher
  • Speed: 2 to 3 mph is suggested for ideal action
  • Depth: has proven successful up and down the water column


  • Length: 3.4" (87.5mm)
  • Maximum Width: .71" (18mm)
  • Weight: .4 oz (11g)