Peetz Left Coast Lures "The Hammer" 4.5" Needlefish

Made In Canada
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Product Information

Designed by Left Coast Lures, this spoon features polished stainless steel, glow eyes, and a US-made stainless steel hook. The 3.25" and 4.5" Needlefish variants of "The Hammer" have proven to be highly effective for fishing salmon, bottom fish, and trout throughout the Pacific Northwest and into Alaska. Each Left Coast lure is built to last and comes in a variety of colours that have been proven effective in PNW waters.

Left Coast Lures and Design was founded in 2014 by Ryan Kehn of Victoria, British Columbia. The company develops high-performance stainless steel fishing lures that will appeal to even the most demanding fishermen. All LCL designs have gone through rigorous testing with professional anglers and have been enthusiastically received and supported by some of the most accomplished anglers in British Columbia and Alaska.