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Sitka - Paine's Incense Log Cabin - All - Incense - Cabin hero

Since 1931 Paine's has been making incense in Auburn, Maine. This family-run company collects Balsam fir and Cedar tips from local farmers, woodsmen and tree farms and continues to use an environmentally friendly process to make their incense and scented items.

  • Story
    You know that feeling you get when you encounter a particular smell, and it immediately transports you back to an earlier time and a nostalgic memory? Like the time you made your first campfire on the beach. Now that was a great day. Paine's incense was built on fond childhood memories. This family-run company has been making incense using only natural ingredients since 1931. They work with local farmers, woodsmen, and tree farmers. The branches are dried, ground and pressed in molds. And that's it. No additional chemicals or fillers. Now you can create those fond memories again and again wherever your adventures may take you.
  • Details
    - Incense are made from responsibly sourced wood
    - Each cabin comes with 10 cones
    - Compatable with Paine's Incense cones and sticks
    - Size 4" x 3 1/2" x 3 3/8"
  • Materials
    Balsam or Red Cedar
  • Origin
    Auburn, Maine, USA
  • Care
    Never leave your incense burning unattended
Sitka - Paine's Incense Log Cabin - All - Incense - Cabin Sitka - Paine's Incense Log Cabin - All - Incense - Cabin
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