Nootka & Sea

Nootka & Sea Herbal Buttercream

Made In Canada
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Product Information

Nootka & Sea's herbal buttercreams are a thick, ultra rich lotion infused with our signature essential oil blends. Natural vitamin rich oils of sunflower, pumpkin, rosehip & argan are blended with shea & aloe butters.

    Made in Squamish, BC.

    Size: 9 oz | 266 ml

    'Alpine Meadows' Blend: Deep earthy wild verbena & sage with floral notes of rose, lavender, neroli & chamomile.

    'Squamish Solstice' Blend: Earthy notes of hemlock, sage & cedar, warming vanilla blended with uplifting & energizing orange and soothing lavender.

    'West Coast Wild & Free' Blend: Grounding patchouli with uplifting citrus tones, spicy cinnamon & earthy hemlock.

    'Whistler Woodlands' Blend: Stimulating eucalyptus with uplifting citrus tones, warming vanilla & earthy notes of sage, spruce & Peru balsam.