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Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planter

Made In USA
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Product Information

Living Wall Planter 2 is not just more affordable, it is better in every way. Easier to use, higher performance, more adaptable, sexier and greener. Now vertical gardening is within reach of every gardener from brown thumbs to green, from beginners to professionals. So, be inspired and have more fun with plants!

Simple to Hang

Mount hook to wall or fence and hang planter up.
Vertical gardening has never been simpler.

Self Watering

Simply fill Living Wall Planter 2's integrated watering well with approximately one liter of water and keep plants watered for up to two weeks (depending on climate and species). LWP2's basin functions as a water-conserving reservoir that allows roots to drink from the bottom while breathing through the sides. 

Stronger, Healthier Roots 

Living Wall Planter 2 is vented front and back,
allowing roots to breathe, increasing evaporation,
and minimizing overwatering.

For more information visit http://canada.woollypocket.com/living-wall-planters/woolly-living-wall-planter2-4pk-370/ .