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Sitka Futures Fin Rasta Quad - All - Hero
Sitka Futures Fin Rasta Quad - All
  • Details
    The Rasta Quad, designed by free surfing icon Dave Rastovich, is a medium-size Speed Generating quad with a Ride Number of 8.5. The honeycomb construction combined with a V2 foil on the front fins creates a looser feel, allowing for high-speed surfing and quick direction changes. The bamboo in the base of the fin provides additional stability, for peak performance in high-speed situations.
  • Specifications
    Side Fins
    - Area: 14.22
    - Height: 4.37
    - Base: 4.22
    - Foil: V2

    Center Fin
    - Area: 14.22
    - Height 4.37
    - Base: 4.22
    - Foil: SYMM
Sitka Futures Fin Rasta Quad - All
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