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Sitka CAMP Firestarters - All - Hero
Sitka CAMP Firestarters - All
Made In Canada

Sitka's pick for a campground fire starter.

  • Story
    Handcrafted Firestarters Western Red Cedar shavings and local beeswax are combined to create this aromatic, superior Firestarter symbolizing the natural relationship between honeybees and cedar trees. Great for Campfires, Charcoal BBQs, Hiking, Backcountry, Firepits, Fireplaces
  • Details
    - All natural

    - Chemical free
    - Safe to cook over immediately
    - Burns for 20 min
    - Will burn in extreme wet conditions (floats in water)
    - No glue is used in the packaging, so the box can be opened and used as a windscreen if needed
    - Comes with cedar kindling to help get your fire going
  • Materials
    Made all natural Western Red Cedar shavings and local beeswax.
  • Origin
    Made in Canada
  • Care
    *Do not use if allergic to cedar*
Sitka CAMP Firestarters - All

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