Sitka Society for Conservation

The Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC) is a registered non-profit society in B.C.

Our mission is to conserve and restore land, water, and air in coastal BC to promote the sustainability and resilience of our communities. We seek to achieve our mission by pursuing and supporting initiatives that improve our understanding of the natural world and our place within it. In doing so, we aspire to protect and enhance the planet's ecosystems, and inspire positive human-nature relationships. We support initiatives by providing funding, which is raised through Sitka's 1% for the planet program, Sitka art series fundraisers, in store yoga classes, SSC membership purchases, and individual donations.

Jordan River Watershed

The Sitka Society for Conservation is a member of the Jordan Watershed Roundtable (JWRT), a group of stakeholders committed to restoration and remediation of the Jordan River.

Flowing through Pacheedaht First Nation traditional territory, the Jordan River historically supported bountiful runs of salmon, steelhead and searun cutthroat trout. Since the 1950s however, the river has been devastated by industrial activity to the extent that there are virtually no fish to be found today.

There are clear signs that with proper stewardship we can return the historic fish populations to support a thriving ecosystem once again. The SSC has committed to providing support for the remediation of the Jordan River, in cooperation with industrial operators in the area, the Pacheedaht First Nation, several government and community groups, environmental researchers, and local concerned citizens.

Through this initiative, the SSC will contribute to the responsible stewardship of the Jordan River watershed for years to come.

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Past Initiatives

The Pathway to Preservation

SSC Contributed: $4.000

SSC fundraising start date: May, 2016

SSC fundraising end date: September 2016

Pacific Wild Hydrophone Network

SSC Contributed: $10,000

SSC fundraising start date: December, 2015

SSC fundraising end date: March, 2017

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