Is the purpose of your clothing to self-destruct?

We love this planet that we get to call home. But how can we prove that we bleed green while being part of an industry that causes so much destruction?

It starts with designing each product that we make with purpose. The most sustainable piece of clothing you'll ever own is the one that gets worn the most. For that reason, we aim to design timeless styles that are built to last for years of wear and care, and a bit of tough love.

If we can't imagine wearing something ten years from now, it gets the axe before it gets anywhere near the production line. By the way, we plan on swinging our axes ten, twenty, thirty years from now too.

We don't give a beaver's tail about next season's trend forecast. You're more likely to find us studying our parents and grandparents' closets than reading up on the colour of the year. If being eco-friendly is trendy, we'll ride that one long after it churns out of style.

Ever heard of the term 'fast fashion?' It's cheap clothing that isn't just designed to go out of style, but literally made to fall apart so that it has to be thrown out and replaced. Just like with fast food, you get what you pay for.

Fast fashion is a relatively new phenomenon but it's made a huge mark in a short amount of time. It's wasting people's money, hurting workers as demand goes up and prices go down, and damaging the planet by putting a strain on our resources and adding trillions of tons of clothing to landfills. Many of us aren't even aware that we've bought into this system.

The crazy thing is, all that cheap clothing can end up costing a lot! Consider the cost per wear; the price divided by the number of times you wear something. Those cheap $15 tees get expensive if you only wear them a few times.

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The Process

Sitka doesn't exist to sell mountains of clothing. What we care about is making purposeful goods that offer real value over the course of their lifetime. Sometimes less is more, and good enough is never good enough.

When we're designing a new product, we start by asking these questions...

  • Is it purposeful?
  • Will its design last for 25+ years?
  • Does this item solve a problem?

We work through a similar process with the materials we use...

  • Does the fabric solve a problem?
  • Is it the most responsible option?
  • Is it better than before?
  • Is it wear and wash tested?

If a product can't pass the test, we know that it isn't worth making. We hope that our customers will think through a similar set of questions when they're shopping as well. The more you think about the products you buy and the purpose they serve, the less likely you are to feed into the wasteful fast fashion cycle.

We think it's high time consumers take back the power to decide what they really need. We hope that you'll choose to invest your money in things that you really value and treat those things with love. Heck, you might find they'll love you back. At the very least, we hope you'll end up with some quality goods that serve a purpose in your life and stick with you longer than something that's made to self destruct.

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