Basecamp Cards
Basecamp Playing Cards
$14 CAD
Basecamp Cards are a unique deck of playing cards with the addition of a conversation prompting, thought provoking questions in...
Enamel Steel Utility Pot
$49 CAD
This piece will withstand the direct heat from the hottest of campfires, it will wash up in a cinch, and...
Flame Case
$40 CAD
A handmade waterproof match case, our Flame Case features a finely turned and finished brass body with a solid brass...
Sitka x Liberty Bottle
$40 CAD
Sitka x Liberty Bottle.These American Made bottles are created from super strong recycled 3003 aluminum coils in a zero waste...
Enamel Steel Plate
$42 CAD
What truly distinguishes our enamelware is the heft and durability: the rim, the spot that get the most abuse, is reinforced with...