The Hobo Knife
$150 CAD
The Sitka Hobo KnifeThis multi-functional utensil is crafted by the highly-renowned knife-makers W.R.Case & Sons and is assembled with only...
Flame Case
$40 CAD
A handmade waterproof match case, our Flame Case features a finely turned and finished brass body with a solid brass...
No.8 Folding Knife
$25 CAD
8" folding knife.
Wino Folding Knife
$51 CAD
Drink and cut shit. All in one.
Basecamp Cards
Basecamp Playing Cards
$14 CAD
Basecamp Cards are a unique deck of playing cards with the addition of a conversation prompting, thought provoking questions in...
Otter Wax - Regular Bar (2.25 oz) From Otter Wax - "Our all-natural heavy duty fabric wax is made from...