Nico Manos - Bean photo

Sponsors: Sitka, Oakley, Sanuk, Future Fins, Creatures of Leasure.

Hometown: Lawrencetown Beach, N.S.

People You Admire: I admire surfers like Peter Devries, Raph Bruhwiler, Fergal Smith and Ramon Navarro for what they’ve accomplished with no path to follow. Whether it’s exploration, charging or pure surfing ability, those guys work harder and are more dedicated than just about anyone I have met.

I also admire surfers like Ben Bourgeois, Alek Parker, Josh Mulcoy and Otto Flores for making huge names for themselves but not letting that affect what genuinely nice, amazing and strong characters they are.

I admire my local heroes like Marty and Todd King, J.D. Patterson and Paul Cammalleri not just for their surfing abilities, but for the people that they are. They never pushed any morals or beliefs on me, but I tried to absorb the way they handled themselves, both in and out of the water, when I was growing up.

Outside of surfing, I admire my mom, who is 70, retired and does things like spend half of the year shovelling cement in Costa Rica for Habitat for Humanity.

Jobs outside of surfing: I don’t have a real job outside of surfing.  I like carpentry and woodworking – my wife and I built the house we live in. I like photography. I own a surf school that operates in July and August, so I guess that’s a real job.

You hear the word ‘pioneer’ thrown around the surf industry pretty loosely these days, but there’s really no better title for Sitka’s newest surf team member. Nico Manos has spent a large portion of the last decade hunting for new setups along the North Atlantic coast, and you can bet your house that he had a hand in finding any of the slabs, wedges and vacant points you see in the mags. (He was probably pulling on his 5mm as fast as he could right alongside the photographer who was getting the shot.)

“I remember finding Minutes when I was a kid,” he says. “It was still a bit of a secret back then, which seems hard to believe.  That feeling I got coming out of the trees and seeing the lineup has stuck with me and comes back every now and then when we stumble on something new.”

Nico Manos - Bean photoNico Manos - Bean photoNico Manos - photo by Scotty SherinNico Manos - photo by Scotty SherinNico Manos - photo by Jeremy KoreskiNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photoNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photoNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photoNico Manos - photo by Scotty SherinNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photoNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photoNico Manos - Scotty Sherin photo

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