Sitka is very excited to welcome Victoria local, Dane Pryds to our skate team.

When he’s not busy driving around his taxi, the Great Dane continues to rule the kingdom that is his Vancouver Island. Originally hailing from Sidney BC, Dane is a man of simple pleasures with little concerns beyond his next skateboard adventure. And while generally sly and silent, Dane is never one to be afraid of a grass stain or two. ¬†All in all, Great Dane is a big dude, with big tricks, and has a big…. Shoe size?

Sponsors: Vans
Hometown: Sidney, BC
People You Admire: Jason Crolly, Bill Buckner, David Puddy
Jobs outside of skateboarding: Drive a taxi, naps.
Toque or Helmet: Helmet

Dane Pryds FS Feeble - Gordon Nicholas

Dany Pryds Portrait - Gordon Nicholas

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