Leah OkeOther sponsors: Rip Curl, Nixon, Electric

Hometown: Port Renfrew

People I admire: My mother (Barbara Oke), Lisa Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Stephanie Gilmore, Bob Marley

Jobs outside of surfing: Server/Bartender, Model, Volunteer Fire Fighter

Of late, Leah has seemingly been head and shoulders above the rest of the Canadian females as far as competitions go, and has represented her country multiple times in various international surfing championships around the world as well. Born into one of Canada’s famous coastal families, Leah literally grew up on the beach at Sombrio and, naturally, followed her father and older brother’s lead into the frigid waters at a very young age. At a time and place when it was rare to see anyone surfing at a high calibre, let alone an adolescent girl, Leah could be found day in and day out in the water, unleashing her patented frontside snap on the playful rights directly in front of her family’s dwelling. And although her and her family have since been forced away from living at the beach, Leah continues to spend all the time she can in the water and very recently made a semi-permanent move to the warmer waters of Panama, which should obviously do wonders for her already highly touted surfing ability.

Check out some videos of Leah:


LeahSlashLeah2Leah walk2hackbarrelLeah_0DSC_8393_0DSC_8375_0DSC_8332_1DSC_8331_1DSC_8325_1Leah Oke


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