Leah Oke

We recently got an update from Leah. Read below to find out about her adventures.

“The last month or so have been super exciting. I left from Panama and headed over to France for the Swatch Women’s Pro WQS event in Hossegor from May 28 – June 3rd, and what an awesome event it was.

I traveled there with Anali Gomez (Peru) and Dominic Barona (Ecquador), who are some of the top South American female surfers and were also competing in the event. We arrived a few days before the contest and got a few super fun days surfing the French beaches before the contest commenced. They put us up better then I could have imagined. We had the best of fine French cuisine, beanbag couches, wifi at the beach, along with many other novelties that we gratefully made the most of. It was so rad to be there and to be a part of the event and meet and surf with so many of my longtime idols.

My heat didn’t go so well for me. The waves were knee high and I just did not have a board available that could surf in those kinds of conditions. It was absolutely tiny. They actually ended up putting the contest on hold after my heat due to lack of waves. I didn’t make it through that heat unfortunately, but I wasn’t too discouraged. I’ll just be sure to have proper boards for my next event.

It was so rad to see what the girls were throwing down throughout the rest of the contest. Also, from watching this event I know I have what it takes to go up against the best. I’m so stoked on that and cannot wait for the next WQS event that I compete in.

After France, I flew back to Vancouver Island just in time for the Rip Curl Pro event in Tofino. On the first day of the competition the waves were big and windy, but us girls got lucky though and didn’t end up having to surf until the following day. It turned out to be quite a bit smaller but still totally contestable. I ended up coming down with a nasty cold that weekend due to jet leg and exhaustion from the ridiculously long journey (due to stopovers) from France. So, going into this event I had no energy and was not sure if I would be able to perform. I got a few bombs in my first heat and had the other girls fighting for second place in order to get through the heat. Then we had the finals. It was kind of a wave starved heat but I managed to get a few quick little waves in. It was fairly close, but I ended up coming out on top and taking home the 1st place trophy and $1500.00 for the 4th year in a row! So stoked…

I am now back in Port Renfrew for the summer working some long shifts at the Port Renfrew Hotel so that I can afford to surf/travel/train the rest of the year. See you all in the water next swell!”

Leah Oke

Leah Oke

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