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We recently recieved an update from Sitka surf team member, Leah Oke. Leah is currently enjoying some sun and waves in Panama. Read below to find out what she’s been up to, and check out her new photos.

“I am currently in Central America,  I have returned here to enjoy the winter months Surfing in the warmer climate and get some more practice in contest surfing against girls from a variety of different countries. While traveling to the World Surfing Games last June I found this cute little town in Panama that I absolutely fell in love with, which has a variety of different types of waves that are fairly consistent, super fun and uncrowded, and are therefore proving to be a perfect playground for me. So, I’v made Cambutal my home base for now.

I’ve entered 3 contest so far, the first one was contest  #5 on the Panamanian Surf Circuit, where I surfed against the top girls and eliminated the then Panamanian champion on route to a 2nd place finish! Then while traveling to Costa Rica to support my BF (who’s part of the Panama team) at the CentroAmerican Surfing games, I was informed that they were holding an all girls surf contest the following day!  So i enter the “Jackpot” contest which had girls from all over Central America and ended up winning! The last contest I entered was the final stop and contest #6 of the Panamanian Circuit where I had a shocker in the Semi finals and was eliminated by the eventual winner and the currant Panamanian champion. Luck was not with me that heat and everywhere the waves were, I was not!  At the moment the waves are fairly small so I’m off to snorkel the reefs to see if I can catch me a lobster or two for dinner.”

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