Sitka Surf Team rider, Noah Cohen, recently made a trip to the East Coast of Canada in search of swell from Hurricane Katia. He and a few others found what they were looking for.

Watch the video on Surfline and read what Noah had to say about the trip below:

“I just recently returned from a quaint little jaunt to the eastern seaboard. Nova Scotia was the name and chasing hurricanes was the game. Unfortunately, we really only got one major swell in the 2 weeks that I was out there, but boy was it a gooder. Sometimes when you’re over there, you do so much driving around trying to milk the rare summertime hurricane swells that it feels as though you are attempting to squeeze water out of a rock. In the 4 days of swell (one of which is featured in the clip below) we drove about 6-8 hours daily, and slept for about 3-5 hours nightly. It was definitely an exhausting time, albeit the waves were more than worth the energy we put out.

Hope you guys enjoy this little snippet put together by one of the premiere hurricane chasers in the biz, Alek Parker, who was up at Nico’s place as well, along with Brett Barley and Ben Bourgeois.”

Check out the video on Surfline here.

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