A New Film from Sitka


How does Sitka come up with its clothing designs? A lot of bright ideas are subjected to an arduous selection process and rigorous testing. But not every idea is a good one, and in Stranded 2: The Hucklebuddy a big pitch goes a little bit awry.

A short film directed by Benjamin Schuetze for Sitka, outfitting outcasts since 2002.

Featuring styles from Sitka’s new Spring collection.

Chris Lovick
Alex Duncan
Rene Gauthier
Ben Gulliver
Jeremy Schuetze

Directed by: Benjamin Schuetze
Director of Photography: Ben Gulliver
Produced by: Rene Gauthier and Andrew Paine
Story by: Ben Gulliver, Chris Lovick, Jeremy Schuetze and Benjamin Schuetze
Sound Recordist: Grady Lawlor
Set Design: Joel Hibbard and Irene Buck
Special Thanks: Dean Azim, Shea Pollard, Michael Schindler, Piet Suess and Henry Slaughter

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